Airline Transport Pilot License Sioux Falls

Sioux Falls Airline Transport Pilot

Take Your Career to New Heights: Get Your Airline Transport Pilot License

What's holding you back from the career of your dreams? If it's a lack of training, don't wait another minute. Airline transport pilot training in Sioux Falls is available now at Sioux Falls Flying Lessons. Whether you want to fly fast jets around the world or become part of a dynamic flight crew, earning your airline transport pilot license in Sioux Falls opens the doors to prestigious aviation jobs with top companies.

What Does it Take to Get an ATP License?

Because getting your airline pilot's license in Sioux Falls, expands your career possibilities, the training is more extensive than other licenses, such as a sport pilot license in Sioux Falls. In addition to earning an instrument rating, an airline pilot must possess more than 1,500 hours of in-flight experience, including:

  • Cross-country flight hours
  • Nighttime flight hours
  • Instrument operations time

In addition to formal requirements, Sioux Falls airline pilots must be of strong character and mature to effectively become part of an airline crew. Because becoming an airline pilot in Sioux Falls requires oversight of passenger and equipment safety, airline transport pilot training prepares you to ensure a safe flying environment for all.

Why Earn an Airline Transport Pilot License?

If taking your flight skills to the top level and outshining your competition isn't enough, earning an airline transport pilot license in Sioux Falls, also offers many opportunities to earn top salaries as pilot. From becoming a corporate pilot to an aircraft captain, your career options are varied. An airline transport pilot license in South Dakota puts you on the path to landing the career (and planes) of your dreams.

Want Your ATP License? Here Are Your Next Steps

Becoming a licensed airline pilot in South Dakota is the epitome of career success for many aviators, but getting started isn't as difficult as you might think. Sioux Falls Flying Lessons offers ATP license classes designed to prepare you for an exciting, lucrative career as an aviator. From flying commercial jets to touring the world with a skilled crew, getting your airline transport pilot license in Sioux Falls is the best move you can make for your career. What are you waiting for? Get started now!